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1052554_10151493853403201_1109149513_oHi Everybody! My name is Cassie Scott and I welcome you to my Hunt, Rattle and Roll blog. Before I get into the bulk of the material this blog will be about (Blogs 1-30: my internship with Midwest Whitetail, Blogs 31 and beyond: my position as the Web Content Specialist with the National Wild Turkey Federation) if you so choose, you can read some background details about my life. Here goes my personal rant… Check out the pictures littered throughout, I used to be a little whipper-snapper that’s for sure.002

There are really only a few things you need to know about me, I’m short but can pack a punch, I’m smart but sometimes bite my tongue, and I really like cookie dough, I mean, I really like cookie dough. Okay, okay, seriously now, my passion for the outdoors started when I was little and had plenty of land to explore and grow in the small town of Shiocton, Wisconsin.

189421_10150132956783201_4521488_nLiving in a log home basically sets a child up for a lifestyle heavily intertwined with nature. There is a decent size pond in our backyard and 20 acres of hunting land behind the house. I love everything about the country life and rural, natural areas, minus a few bugs, I could go without mosquitoes and ants (wouldn’t everyone agree?) My pastime was spent swimming, building forts, collecting frogs, chasing my dogs, and crafting sand castles I daydreamed about living in. My two brothers, Cody and Kyle, made it difficult for me to be girly, and for several years, I took on a tomboy exterior. With dirt under my nails I’d trudge through the woods following my brothers on their squirrel hunting adventures.

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At age 12, I took Hunter Safety with my Papa Bear, Phil. He taught my brothers and I everything about hunting, plants, compass directions, trees, etc. It’s cliché, but he is my hero, even to the point that he personally showed us kids what poison ivy looked like first-hand. Yikes! He also did all of the prep-work that goes into hunting until we were old enough to not get bored or be a whiny pain in his, ah, behind while hanging treestands. He 10246654_10152078801888201_8288299008287878722_ndoesn’t get all of the credit though, my mother, Deb, introduced me to the essentials such as cooking superb meals with venison and reading all the hunting magazines that would clutter our counter tops.  In the back of my mind I know she played a crucial role in what I wanted to do with my future. Her career as a kindergarten teacher made me want to help others, but in a different way. I knew I wanted to inform and enlighten people’s lives. A weird concoction of my parent’s goals, hobbies, and lifestyles made me attend the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) for communication. Disclaimer: It had nothing to do with the fact that both of my parents also graduated from UWSP, but now I’m forced to give them my UWSP alumni pin (long story…).

Having a chunk of land to find myself through the shaping years of high school, I would often catch myself photographing wildlife and journaling. I became interested in telling stories and writing when I wasn’t attending games or practices for volleyball, basketball, track and even summer softball. These high school extra-curricular activities consumed my teen years. I became less interested in bow hunting and more interested in spending my precious time with friends and I must admit, boys too. Despite these other activities, I 545951_10151381612458201_172046274_n
went to college in the fall of 2010. After crying my first night alone in my dorm room due to the unfamiliar changes, I quickly made new friends and resumed my duty as an A student. In my mind, sports weren’t over with yet, I had four more years to participate and compete. I joined the Women’s NCAA Track and Field team all four years of my college career. Balancing hurdles, a social life, school and a few campus jobs was no stroll in the park.

Although, through both high school and college, I did remember to take every week of gun deer hunting off and even a weekend in the spring off for turkey hunting. I had hunted for three seasons before I finally tagged my first deer on the Saturday evening hunt of opening day in 2007. The ACamera Hunt W1 026very next morning I harvested my second deer worthy of mention. In my mind, he was a giant, an 11 point with an 18 ¾ inch inside spread and field dressed 190 lbs. My smile was ear-to-ear that year. Not to mention I had bragging rights against my father and the troublesome boys at school who always gave me a hard time as a girl in a “man’s world.” Regardless, I had put my time in before grounding a big one, as most hunters do. To this day my whitetail tally is at five. I’ve also bagged two turkeys, a bearded hen and a double-bearded gobbler. My passion never slipped away, it simply got tossed around on my long list of commitments.
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Throughout my education I knew something was missing, I no longer wanted to look forward to one, two or three weekends of hunting, I wanted to immerse myself in it. I dabbled in work at the campus TV station, our campus radio station and then I finally found my home at the campus newspaper. There I soon learned I didn’t like the dry content for most regular news stories, but instead enjoyed feature writing and profile 10339565_10152131789113201_8549012792868702985_n
pieces. My senior thesis paper was titled “The Culture of Hunting in Wisconsin.” All of this came together and I graduated with a communication degree with an emphasis in media studies pursuing both the journalism and media production tracks (wow, what a mouthful…).  The smallest details in my life have impacted my decision to find a career in outdoor publication and the hunting industry. I applied to a few places pertaining to the 10294453_10152131789383201_6040609569213038808_noutdoors and media before I graduated and once I was accepted to be an intern at Midwest Whitetail centered in Albia, Iowa, my heart became filled with joy and my muscles relaxed with content. Three months into the MW internship, (throughout the summer/fall of 2014) I started thinking about applying for full-time positions in the hunting industry. One resume, cover letter, interview and meet-and-greet later, I was hired as the Web Content Specialist for the NWTF. I packed up my past, present and future and headed to South Carolina to start my career.

After working for the NWTF for nearly two years, I was encouraged to apply for the Digital Content Specialist for the Archery Trade Association. Two interviews later and a “Formal Offer” email landed in my inbox. Faced with a difficult decision, I accepted and said goodbye to my Turkey family, only to be welcomed into the arms of my archery and bowhunting counterparts. What an adventure! So, here I am. Get ready.

Oh, did I mention, I like fishing too?

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